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Skyward Simulations

DA-50RG MSFS2020

DA-50RG MSFS2020

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Installation runs via the Contrail App

The DA-50RG is a modern single-engined aircraft, powered by a 300HP turbodiesel engine. The sleek airframe is made of carbon fiber which sets a new bar for aircraft construction. The aircraft can fly at 20.000ft at a speed of 180kts, with great fuel consumption this makes up for one of the best modern general aviation aircraft. We have carefully developed this aircraft for MSF2020 with attention to the small details, and the overall experience allowing you to enjoy this aircraft from your home. Our aircraft has the following features available for you:

  • Accurate 3D model
  • True-to-life definition textures
  • Custom-coded systems, including ECU & TKS
  • Ground Idle function simulated
  • Accurate flight model
  • Working Title Garmin G1000NXI integration
  • Included handpainted liveries
  • Immersive custom sounds by Boris Audio Works
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